Back up my collection! Ver 1.3.1

One of the most asked features on emails by the users is the back up feature.

And now, after a very big break from the keyboard and finally back with updates, and they will come more ofter now!

This back up feature will save ALL your data to the SD card, and you can restore it back. But careful, when I say all your data is like all will be prelaced, so use it nice.

I hope it’s not to late for those wanting the change phones or reseting your current device.

Have fun and let me know!

Tag that title

For version 1.2.5 I finally added the tag feature. I was planning this option from beggining, at least I was planning to use the favorite option. So at first you could mark your favorite titles, but what use was for that, none until now.

A drop down menu on the main list was included, that will allow you to select between your complete collection, your favorite ones, or any of the tags added.

And on the title main info screen you will be able to add or delete any tag you want, let’s say you want to separete all your Batman titles or the New 52 ones, this is the way to do it now!

Hope you enjoy this new option, I’m doing it, and please send me any comments about it.


The developer

Version 1.2.5

- New Tag option included to separate titles.
- Issue number added to next to read option.

First 1,000 Downloads

Today the Comic Books Collector app reaches the first 1000 downloads on the Play Store. It has been two months since the first version was release, and still with a long way to go, and after passing with a lot of bugs, we can tell that we have the most stable version up to now.

There are still a lot of ideas on the air about new features, and a lot of feedback (positive and negative), with sugestions on how to improve it.

I hope that the next 1000 downloads come a lot faster.

Hey! For an app with a very specific function for a very specific public, I think we’re doing good!

Thanks for the support and keep collecting!

The Developer!


- Bug not updating titles full list fixed.

Finally! Export List

When I released this app for the first time, the very first suggestion from the users was to add the feature to export the list of the collection to a file that was viewable on the computer, World, Excel or PDF.

After a couple of releases and many unhappy users uninstalling the app due the lack of this feature, the time for the options had come.

I added on the 1.2.1 version of the app the option to export either all the issues on your collection or the issues from a specific title from the collection. The list is exported on a CSV file that is viewable on Excel, and can be from there manipulated or exported as any format the user wants.

Besides, once the file is created the user is prompted to send it on email or other form of file sharing that the android device has.

Hope this feature makes a lot of user happy and choose to stay with the app, because it will continue to improve and become better and better.

The Developer

Version 1.2.1

- Export list added feature added for all collection or per title.
- Force close on viewing big lists fixed.
- Some UI improvements.


- Force close on start up bug fixed.
- Bug when adding a range or complete series fixed.


- Fast scrolling for long list enabled.
- Fixed bug that returned list to the beginning on resume.
- Improved thumb view of titles, no more glitch.
- Added on WiFi only feature.
- Added default options for read it and own it.
- Minor UI improvements.