Adding issues bug fixed

With the new structure of the API from our friend of Comic Vine, a small change on the wording was preventing to add new issues.

The problem was reported by the users on it’s fixed now. Our app was update to the new API rules.

You should be able to add issues with the new update being published in the next couple of hours.


One comment

  1. Andrew Grosnickle says:

    We’ll, I intakes your app/program not to long ago. I love they concept of it, of how most of they time you can download all they comics out there, that didn’t even know existed. BUT! There is a problem, & it’s one of hose problems that are not just that, but annoying also. I started adding all my Incredible Hulk issues. I got to they Tales To Astonish and was able to get some of them, but not all. Now they problem is, that I went to update/add more to my collection, and it won’t let me. I goto they “add +”, type in they title, it searches then comes back with error, and no option to add anything at all. Now I’m stuck at a place where I can’t you’re or anything. I love them concept of them app and all that. But now it’s not looking so good. What, & why. Please help. Thank you. Andrew G.

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