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Another cool change is available now, the all issues list with drop down filter!

This option allow to easily see all the issues that fall into one of the main categories:

-Wish list



That way you can track what you want to buy or read more quickly.

This options is available for both free and pay version.

But hey what’s the plus for Variant Edition?

If you have the new Variant Edition for the app you can tag individual issues (just like tagging titles) and use this tag to group individual issues, ideal to see all the issues related to a cross over event or a specific story arc, on a same place.

I’m using it for Death of the Family and Throne of Atlantis, and believe me is very helpful!

So download if you don’t have it, upgrade it if your on the regular version and enjoy if you’re a Variant Edition user!


  1. Alex says:

    Thanks for the great app. Been playing around with the free version to see if I like the app, and i love it! When will you have barcode scan available, instead of having to manually add to the database? I really really want this feature! Would make life much simpler when buying 30 books at a time:) I’ll be buying the VE this evening. If you need a beta tester, I’m your guy:)

    Thanks again for the great app, and keep up the good work.

  2. Collector says:

    Thanks for the support.

    Barcode search will be added soon!

  3. Alex says:

    Bought the VE a few days ago. Have an odd issue, though. After I scan the barcodes, I’ll close the app out, and when I open it back up, the barcodes I scanned are the same for each issue, and it isn’t really a barcode. Any ideas?

  4. Collector says:

    You’re right about the bug, I’ll take a look a it, and fix as soon as possible!

  5. Alex says:

    Thanks for the fix!! App is near perfection:) Just need to finish up the ability to scan barcode to add an issue, and ability to track variant covers, and if an issue we have has been graded.

    Thanks again for the hard work:)

  6. Antonio says:

    Bought the VE a few days ago too. It would be helpful the possibility in addition to barcode scanner:

    • to add manually title or single issue
    • to change image cover of the issue
    • to search on internet information of some field in the issue detail with auto completion

    but the field “barcode” in issue detail support ean-13? I say this because my collection of Dylan dog use that type

    Thanks again for the great app, and keep up the good work.

  7. Paul Birnbaum says:

    My current “New 52″ titles have stalled at issue 15. Since they’re up to issue 18, I was wondering when this would be fixed.

    Also, the extra feature I need most is the variant cover tracker. But that would also require the ability to store the extended bar code.

    As soon as that’s up and running, you’ll have an enthusiastic, paying customer.

  8. Collector says:

    At this time all barcodes are supported.

    All your other suggestions are on the wish list and will be included in some way in future releases.

  9. Collector says:

    To show new titles on the available section of each title use the update button (little calendar note on main window) or get them on the search section again.

    You have to manually add new titles, an auto add new titles will be included on future releases.

  10. Edimário says:


    I purchased Comic Collector and is using him perfectly. However, their search stopped working and I can no longer add new titles.

    How do I proceed?


  11. Collector says:

    Thanks for the support.

    The Comicvine.com database (which is where the app feeds) is under maintenance and will get back online tomorrow. Please wait to keep adding your tittles and sorry for the inconvenience.

  12. Edimário says:

    No problem.

    Thanks for the app. Bought with pleasure and the excellent work

  13. Steve says:

    Hi, just tried tagging issues, which is really cool. Had a question: how do I bring up a list of tagged issues, in the same fashion as you can do with tagged titles? Am I missing something, or does this not exist?

    Also, a suggestion for tagged issues: maybe you can provide a tagged number field that can correspond to the story arc, this would produce a nice listing for story arcs that cross titles – think Marvel Civil War. Would be very nice if you can do.


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