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  1. luis says:

    Theres a couple things I would like to see.
    I would like to be able to sort the issues from newest to older Instead of older to newest.
    I also would like to be able to add issues numbers not on the list.
    For some reason some past issues are not available on the list and I can’t add them.
    Finally I would like to be able to report directly to comic vine that the issue is missing from their inventory.
    Tanks for your time and I can’t wait to see what new features will be added to the app.

  2. Niko says:


    Since the latest update I can’t add any issues at all. Whether I search it or go to all issues under a series I have. It says it adds but if I look for it in my collection, it’s gone.

    I tried, force closing the app and rebooting my phone. I also tired to back up my entire database, uninstall/reinstall the app then import the database. The database imports but adding new issues still doesn’t work.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this.

  3. Collector says:

    The problem was fixed and the updated is being published, you should be able to update soon.

  4. Doug says:

    Would love the ability to manage my collection using a laptop or PC and then using the app to sync my phone to whatever I did online. I have a huge collection and using my android to manage the collection is cumbersome. I like using a mouse, a bigger screen. being able to use the shift or control keys when selecting issues..etc. As it is, it’s great for someone just starting a collection but for serious collectors it’s way too primitive.

  5. edimario says:

    Hello my friend.

    There is a problem with twitter sharing?


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