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Now on Facebook

The Facebook page was created, please like it so you can easily find out news about the app like new features, and also to leave a concern or doubt.

Superior Spider Man and Fantastic Four bug

To all users!

Due a little but with the lasted tie in of Superior Spider Man and Fantastic Four, the app force closed when trying to add any title.

The problem was due the numbering format of the Age of Ultron Tie In, but the fix is now up on version

Sorry and enjoy!

Back up my collection! Ver 1.3.1

One of the most asked features on emails by the users is the back up feature.

And now, after a very big break from the keyboard and finally back with updates, and they will come more ofter now!

This back up feature will save ALL your data to the SD card, and you can restore it back. But careful, when I say all your data is like all will be prelaced, so use it nice.

I hope it’s not to late for those wanting the change phones or reseting your current device.

Have fun and let me know!

Version 1.2.5

- New Tag option included to separate titles.
- Issue number added to next to read option.


- Bug not updating titles full list fixed.

Version 1.2.1

- Export list added feature added for all collection or per title.
- Force close on viewing big lists fixed.
- Some UI improvements.


- Force close on start up bug fixed.
- Bug when adding a range or complete series fixed.


- Fast scrolling for long list enabled.
- Fixed bug that returned list to the beginning on resume.
- Improved thumb view of titles, no more glitch.
- Added on WiFi only feature.
- Added default options for read it and own it.
- Minor UI improvements.