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Version 2.0 is coming!

Right now we’re working the V2 of the app, and the beta is in progress, if you’re interested on trying out the new features and helping us to test it please let us know to include you!

Now on Google+

If you’re totally into google and a G+ user, follow or new G+ page for news regarding the app!

Adding issues bug fixed

With the new structure of the API from our friend of Comic Vine, a small change on the wording was preventing to add new issues.

The problem was reported by the users on it’s fixed now. Our app was update to the new API rules.

You should be able to add issues with the new update being published in the next couple of hours.


Database under maintenance

To all Comic Books Collector user (both free and VE), (the comics db website that feeds our app) is migrating its data, which is why the app is not working for adding new titles, the DB will be up and running again tomorrow (Tuesday 26).

Sorry for the problem that his may represent and thanks for all the support.

Variant Edition is here!

The Variant Edition is here, and before you think “finally I can capture all my variants”, sorry folks, it’s the Variant Edition as in a fancy kind of the same app (just like comic books!)

With this app (which cost 3 bucks, like the comics!) you will support the development of the app for future changes and¬†improvements. But don’t get me wrong the VE will have more feature than the normal edition (the free one).

What you can expect (really soon) well have multiple covers for each one of the issues that you have is one, and also the posibility of having your library online, so you can really show off your collections to everybody!

So if you really feel like you can give more for this app, please go the the Play Store and buy the Comic Books Collector Variant Edition!


First 1,000 Downloads

Today the Comic Books Collector app reaches the first 1000 downloads on the Play Store. It has been two months since the first version was release, and still with a long way to go, and after passing with a lot of bugs, we can tell that we have the most stable version up to now.

There are still a lot of ideas on the air about new features, and a lot of feedback (positive and negative), with sugestions on how to improve it.

I hope that the next 1000 downloads come a lot faster.

Hey! For an app with a very specific function for a very specific public, I think we’re doing good!

Thanks for the support and keep collecting!

The Developer!