Archive for April 13, 2013

Now on Facebook

The Facebook page was created, please like it so you can easily find out news about the app like new features, and also to leave a concern or doubt.

Download alll your missed covers!

A new feature has been added to Comic Books Collector VE, download all your missed covers.

As you may have notice the back up option only works for the data and not the images, so if for some reason you completely loose your images even thought that you have a back up, the info will be there, but no covers.

There’s the option to download manually a cover at a time, but if you have a collection of thousands like most of the collectors, that can be a pain.

To solve this I added the option to “Download all missed covers”, this function will calculate all the missed covers from your covers folder and download them. Depending on speed and quantity this operation may take a while.

Currently this function is only available on the VE version of the app.