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Tag that issue!


Another cool change is available now, the all issues list with drop down filter!

This option allow to easily see all the issues that fall into one of the main categories:

-Wish list



That way you can track what you want to buy or read more quickly.

This options is available for both free and pay version.

But hey what’s the plus for Variant Edition?

If you have the new Variant Edition for the app you can tag individual issues (just like tagging titles) and use this tag to group individual issues, ideal to see all the issues related to a cross over event or a specific story arc, on a same place.

I’m using it for Death of the Family and Throne of Atlantis, and believe me is very helpful!

So download if you don’t have it, upgrade it if your on the regular version and enjoy if you’re a Variant Edition user!

Trend titles list


The Variant Edition of Comic Books Collector comes with a bunch of new exclusive features, the first to come is the Trend List.

With this option you can see what are the latest titles that the users are adding, so you can quickly add your new comics.

If you’re a user of the normal edition, please upgrade to Variant Edition so you can enjoy this new cool feature.

Variant Edition is here!

The Variant Edition is here, and before you think “finally I can capture all my variants”, sorry folks, it’s the Variant Edition as in a fancy kind of the same app (just like comic books!)

With this app (which cost 3 bucks, like the comics!) you will support the development of the app for future changes and improvements. But don’t get me wrong the VE will have more feature than the normal edition (the free one).

What you can expect (really soon) well have multiple covers for each one of the issues that you have is one, and also the posibility of having your library online, so you can really show off your collections to everybody!

So if you really feel like you can give more for this app, please go the the Play Store and buy the Comic Books Collector Variant Edition!


Back up my collection! Ver 1.3.1

One of the most asked features on emails by the users is the back up feature.

And now, after a very big break from the keyboard and finally back with updates, and they will come more ofter now!

This back up feature will save ALL your data to the SD card, and you can restore it back. But careful, when I say all your data is like all will be prelaced, so use it nice.

I hope it’s not to late for those wanting the change phones or reseting your current device.

Have fun and let me know!